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  • Employment
The MIT ReACT Computer and Data Science Certificate Program provides accelerated learning opportunities to refugees and internally displaced persons where they live. The program consists of four components, each drawing from pedagogical strengths of MIT. These include rigorous online courses with MITx on edX, immersive and collaborative bootcamps focusing on innovation leadership and entrepreneurship, applied learning and experience through professional internships and capstone projects, and networking opportunities with our broad community of supporters including businesses, NGOs, educational institutions, and mentors.
Title MIT Refugee Action Hub
Date launched ReACT’s pilot program for the Computer and Data Science certificate was launch May 2017.
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing. We are currently in our third year of the Computer and Data Science program.
Type of Resource SPOC and MOOC , Digital Learning Resources, Online Course, online Bootcamp and workshops
Purpose Employment, professional development
Online or Blended Formally blended, shifted to entirely digital amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Learning outcomes Mastery of MIT level courses in Computer and Data Science using the edX platform.
A high level of professionalism and capability in remote work settings and a deeper understanding of how to network, job search, interview and make informed decisions about one’s career trajectory. Learners must fulfill an experiential learning requirement though the obtaining of a fulltime job or fixed term internship or through the completion of a capstone project.
Development of an advanced skill-set in leadership, solution-finding, and entrepreneurship; the ability to recognize and analyze challenges, articulate and craft a start-up platform and pitch the economic and social implications of their project.
Target group Refugees, internally displaced persons, women and underrepresented individuals from host countries.
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan ReACT students are held to the same evaluation standards for academic success and professional conduct as MIT students. Participation in and bootcamps and workshops are evaluated by ReACT staff, external collaborators and visiting MIT faculty. Online coursework is evaluated based on pre-determined MITx course rubrics. Their cumulative progress, work participation and effort are reviewed in preparation for graduation and certification.
ReACT conducts pre and post-program surveys of learners and alumni to assess changes in employment, earnings, and education level.
Recognition or certification of learning Certificate of completion offered by MIT, microcredentials for online courses, bootcamp and workshops.
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model Funding from corporations, foundations, and individual donors.
Leading Organization MIT
Contact Person Dr. Admir Masic, Faculty Founder
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Dr. Lana Cook, Program Manager
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Gillian Walsh, Program Coordinator
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