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  • Social inclusion
  • Employment
Funzi is a pioneering company from Finland that wants to make skills and knowledge accessible to everyone – for free. The service,, revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed content for people who want to learn new skills and knowledge. Funzi mobile learning is delivered by the cloud and can be scaled immediately. The concept is to provide
  1. information services –for integration into society
  2. employment services – to help integrate people economically
  3. communication and networking skills – to educate and enable people to re-use skills for developing their home countries
Funzi's core competence is its knowledge in mobile learning pedagogy (m-learning) and the gaming industry. Courses are divided into independent learning blocks, easily digestible, with actionable and validated learning outcomes. Following reading and understanding a ‘learning card’, the users may have the opportunity to answer a quiz question, receiving instant confirmation of what they have learnt and understood. Funzi’s card-deck approach allows information to be presented in a way that is understood globally, it is a method already used in learning and has a built-in social component intrinsic to its design.
After launching its first product in 2015, the company assessed that Funzi could contribute to the growing information needed among asylum seekers in Europe. Funzi offers free courses on key life skills, including entrepreneurship, finding a job, food safety, and managing finances.
Date launched 2014
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Online course
Digital resources
Purpose Social inclusion
Employment and Entrepreneurship
Online or Blended Mainly online, some blended
Learning outcomes Assist students and individuals world-wide in integrating into society, finding a job, developing entrepreneurship, and learning central life skills. All via dynamic and user-friendly certified mobile learning.
Target group Migrants and refugees globally
Learning assessment Mini-quizzes (“activities”)
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Funzi has delivered free learning to over 8 million people globally
Recognition or certification of learning Certificates are awarded digitally at the end of the course
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model Funzi is open source, and also accessible without data costs in over 60 countries via Facebook’s Free Basics service.
Funzi offers both free and premium courses, which is a way of generating income. However, this could be paid by the employer or other partners in society. The idea is to encourage a partnering model to reduce costs for the student and also link them to possible employers.
Partners include Pearson, Facebook, Education Finland, and Jobberman.
Leading Organization Funzi
Contact Person Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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