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  • Language learning
LASER is an initiative funded by the European Union and run by the British Council in Amman. It has three primary components:
-Online short-courses through MOOCs in English (Futurelearn) and in Arabic through Edraak, with the possibility of studying in French and German through OpenUp Ed, the EU’s MOOC platform (Phase 1).
-Facilitated online, accredited higher education distance learning through Open University and Amity University for 300 students who meet the entrance criteria for these courses (Phase 2)
-Language and academic skills training delivered in Syria through a partner organisation (SPARK) with the possibility of the future delivery of MOOCs
Title LASER: Language, Academic Skills and E-learning Resources
Date launched 2016
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource MOOCs
Online courses
Purpose Language Learning
Online or Blended Blended
Learning outcomes EU Project to help students (aged 18-30) to reintegrate into the education system by providing them with language training, academic readiness skills, coaching and distance education programmes. The objective is to help students who cannot access, or who have dropped out of formal education, to find new opportunities to continue their higher education in Syria or in its neighbouring countries. Students should:
  • develop digital literacy skills and a positive attitude to online education
  • increase their language and communication skills in English, German and French
  • improve their presentation and discussion skills
  • learn how to manage their time
  • develop their confidence and grow their self-directed learning processes
  • be able to have their English language levels tested through Aptis or IELTS - as appropriate to the level and needs of students.
Target group Young displaced people/refugees, 18-30, in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Goal is to reach at least 2,930 displaced Syrians of higher education age in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, together with up to 30% disadvantaged Jordanian youth in Jordan. More specifically, the project intends to:
  • Track and record the progress of all students through data collection and analysis mechanisms
  • Ensure that both men and women have equal access to community facilities and learning opportunities
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the project through specific KPIs and measures of success
  • Work with local and international organisations to assure the quality and the successful outcomes of the project.
Recognition or certification of learning Participants in this programme will serve as a pool of candidates for other courses – including credit-bearing online learning, short courses and MOOCs. English language levels tested through Aptis or IELTS.
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model EU funded initiative. British Council hopes that those that benefit from the initiative will become ambassadors for online education in the region.
Leading Organization British Council. Parners include: Care International, Goethe Institute, Institut Francais, Norwegian Refugee Council, Jordan Education Initiative, Edraak, Talal Abu Gazaleh, SPARK, Open University and FutureLearn
Contact Person This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Joseph Field
Senior Project Manager
Is this initiative country-specific? If yes, please specify the country Jordan, Lebanon and Syria