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  • Language learning
  • Higher Ed (formal)
  • Employment
Acknowledging the current immigration emergency that involves the Arabian countries and the Sub-Saharan countries, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO designed a web portal, Education Without Boundaries, that provides information on courses provided (50 scholarships have been provided thus far to refugee students to study with UNINETTUNO), language learning resources (Italian and Arabic), services for the recognition of academic and professional qualifications and information on health services.
UNINETTUNO is the only University in the world where a student is taught and can learn in five languages (Italian, French, English, Arabian, Greek), where thousands of students are actually enrolled, who come from 140 different countries. The teachers come from different universities in the world. Universities of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco, have been developing a virtual space for Higher Education and the dissemination of knowledge in the EuroMediterranean area.
Title Education without Borders: University for Refugees
Date launched 2016
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Online courses
Digital resources
Purpose Higher education (formal)
Language Learning
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives Provide refugees and displaced students an opportunity to obtain an international, distance learning higher education degree, taught be universities around the world.
Provide language learning services as well as professional recognitions services to migrants and refugees.
Target group Refugees students at the higher education and vocational education level
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning The recognition of professional skills will be done through the establishment of specific Technical-Scientific Committees, formed by experts from the academic world and from the business/industry world. These experts will be grouped in committees in terms of the types of professional certification to recognise.
The recognition will take place through the analysis of the following documents that have to be submitted by refugees and immigrants for the Commission evaluation:
  • Qualifications (titles of study)
  • Certifications
  • Professional experience
The professional skills will be framed in the context of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).
The analysis of the documents mentioned above will allow Commissions, composed of technicians and representatives of the world of work, to elaborate a Certificate of Skills. This certificate will represent a tool to integrate refugees and immigrants in the labour market.
Europass Title, organization, thematic area, learning outcomes
Financing and sustainability model N/A
Leading Organization UNINETTUNO
Contact Person Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.