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  • Teacher training
  • Other purpose

TRACeD aims to combat gender-based cyber violence against adolescent girls and young women. The project will cover the need for tailored and practical training of teachers, parents, children and students on safe internet and the need for support and early prevention mechanisms.

A high-quality, interdisciplinary training will be developed for 400 teachers, 400 parents, 480 girls, 480 female students on safe internet, human rights, sex education, privacy and data protection. A network of focal points will also be created within schools to collect and record incidents of online violence against girls.

 The project’s platform will be a transnational and multi-function interactive on-line tool with a twofold purpose and nature:

  • it will serve as an education prevention tool/practice for teachers, parents, children and adolescent girls, providing them with educational and informative material,
  • it will function as an interactive online platform staffed by a multidisciplinary team of cyber guardians, who will provide support and guidance to cyber VAWG victims and make referrals to respective authorities and service providers.

The platform will include:

  • 1 video in GR, IT, SI, ENG,
  • 5 Podcasts per country
  • 1 guide booklet for teachers,
  • 1 guide booklet for parents,
  • 1 informative booklet for girls/children and young women,
  • stakeholder list/mapping of relevant service providers, including national authorities, NGOs.
Title Tackling gender based cyber violence among adolescent girls and young women (TRACeD)
Date launched 01/03/2022
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource
  • Digital resources
  • Online course
  • Video
  • Other
  • Teacher Training
  • Other
Online or Blended Blended
Learning outcomes
  • Provide high-quality, accessible, interdisciplinary training to teachers,
    parents, children, students (young women) capitalizing on the options provided by diverse learning methodologies and technology-enhanced learning (hybrid);
  • Create contact points within schools responsible to collect and record potential online violence against children incidents;
  • Develop an interactive transnational and multi-function platform, acting both as an education prevention tool for the project’s target groups and as a platform, providing assistance and support to victims and potential victims of Cyber violence as well as guidance to teachers and parents;
  • Provide and pilot implement a tailor-made frontline action for the prevention and support for victims of VAWG in 4 EU Countries, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Slovenia – The TRACeD online Platform;
  • Ensure that the action’s results, deliverables and outputs reach the appropriate audience, and promote their transferability in different contexts
Target group
  • girls and adolescent girls (age 7-18),
  • University students (young women aged 18-25),
  • parents,
  • teachers and
  • professionals working closely with girls and young women (potential) victims of cyber violence (psychologists, social workers working with migrants and refugees, criminologists, legal experts etc).
Language English, Greek, Italian, German
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan A Steering Committee will have a key role in the whole project’s lifetime. In order to ensure that the training activities meet high quality standards, a respective evaluation exercise will take place and its findings will be used to improve the training material. More specifically, upon the completion of the synchronous hybrid training activities, a questionnaire will be handed out to measure satisfaction rates of the project’s training courses.
Learning assessment N/A
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Europass It will be developed
Financing and sustainability model CERV-2021-DAPHNE
Leading Organization Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
Contact Person Centre for European Constitutional Law
Ms. Maria Mousmouti
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website It is under development; it will be published in the following period. Coordinator's webpage (in Greek)
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