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The project focuses on developing competences for parental educators working with migrant parents with the purpose of facilitating the interaction between separated parents and children. The project responds to the critical situation of children left behind by parents migrating for work, feeling abandoned and without support in their most important years of development, when emotional security plays a very important role.


The project offers educational videos for both adult/parental educators on different topics (soft skills, intercultural awareness, roles, rights etc) and for migrant parents to help them strengthen their relationship with their child (activities, how to help with their homework etc.). It also provides a database with resources and articles from the participating countries for the educators and the parents and an application for the parents and their child to plan activities.

Title No Left Behind Children
Date launched 01/11/2020
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource
  • Electronic handbook
  • App
  • Digital resources (database)
  • Video
Online or Blended Online
Learning outcomes

The adult/parental educators will:

         develop their competences on helping migrant parents interact with their children through the use of relevant material (videos that help strengthen the relationship between the parent and the child).

The migrant parents will:

        be able to maintain a relationship with their child, plan activities and be a part of their life, even if they are far away, using some useful videos

be able to plan activities (watch a movie, have a video call, assist with homework etc) with their child, using an application in the form of a calendar.
Target group
  • Parental/Adult educators and
  • Migrant parents
Language The database is available in English. The videos will be available in English with subtitles (Greek, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese).
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan A piloting program in every participating country is implemented with evaluation questionnaires filled by the participants (adult educators and migrant parents). The Quality Manager of the project ensures the quality of the content.
Learning assessment There will be no assessment of the participants. The materials developed serve as a tool that can help the parents form a better relationship with their child back in their home-country. The adult educators can adapt and use the material based on their personal and students’ needs.
Recognition or certification of learning There is no official certification. The participants of the pilots will receive a certificate of attendance.
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Financing and sustainability model Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union
Leading Organization NoiRe-Cream, Romania
Contact Person KMOP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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