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  • Employment

The Multidisciplinary employability training materials is a part of the Recovery and Integration Programme that was developed in the context of HEAL – EnHancing rEcovery and integrAtion through networking, empLoyment training and psychological support for women victims of trafficking. The project run from October 2019 until September 2021, in Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania.

The Training material is designed to guide support service providers to support third-country-national women victims of trafficking with knowledge and skills in employability and entrepreneurship. This training material is aimed to transfer entrepreneurial and employment-related skills to TCN women VoT to prepare them for the local labour market. It encompasses theory and interactive exercises for the development of employment and entrepreneurship skills, such as communication and negotiation skills, teamwork and leadership, and digital skills. The training material also includes, amongst others, topics, such as creating a CV, work etiquette, job interviews, the legislative system, how to create a business plan, how to use the SWOT analysis model and financial management information.

Each thematic topic also includes a mini glossary with employment/ entrepreneurship key words in the national language.

Title HEAL – Multidisciplinary employability training materials
Date launched December 2020
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Digital Resources
Purpose Employment
Online or Blended Face to face / Online
Learning outcomes The multi-disciplinary employability training sessions shall increase women’s self-reliance, employment and entrepreneurship-related skills, supporting their integration in the host societies, encouraging their economic independence hence reducing the risk of re-trafficking.
Target group Third country national women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation (and other vulnerable groups with a migration or refugee background upon adaptation)
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan The multidisciplinary training was implemented in each partner country with the participation of TCN women VoT, who evaluated it as good or very good.
Learning assessment N/A
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model The project is financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union. Prior to the completion of the project (09/2021), the Multidisciplinary employability training materials, as part of the Recovery and Integration Programme developed in the context of the project will be transferred to another organisation in each partner country, which will sustain their implementation for at least five years, until September 2026.
Leading Organization CESIE
Contact Person Website:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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