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  • Social inclusion
  • Employment
  • Support Personnel
The Advenus courses are available via an online platform that requires only user registration. All Modules are freely available online and include the following:
  • How to write a CV
    Aims: To improve reading comprehensions skills and writing organizational skills linked to the CV preparation.
  • Using the internet to find a job and to learn
    Aims: To develop key information processing skills in technological rich environments.
  • Dealing with money – Private economy
    Aims: To improve numeracy skills and get a better understanding of private economy, and to learn about the culture in the host country.
  • aving the world from my neighbourhood
    Aims: To improve literacy skills such as to locate and retrieve information, make lexical and semantic inferences, understand the global meaning of a text, integrate and interpret. In addition to this, there is the aim to gain knowledge about how to be a more conscious and active citizen regarding daily actions towards reduction of waste.
  • - Let’s eat – Consumer awareness about food
    Aims: To develop key literacy skills and problem solving in technology rich environments skills. In addition to this, learn how to use, acquire and evaluate information about food.
Title ADVENUS: Developing Online Training Resources for Adult Refugees
Date launched 2016
Duration Completed
Type of Resource Digital Resources
Purpose Employment / Social Inclusion
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives The ADVENUS project aims to improve and extend the offer of high quality, culturally sensitive open access e-learning resources to adult refugees between the age of 18-40 years of age and their trainers and teachers in EU countries. The project builds upon findings indicating that successful integration requires resources that take into account the refugees’ countries of origin, educational background, and family situation.
Target group Adult educators / Adult Refugees
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model Erasmus+ European Commission
Leading Organization Lillehammer University College (Norway)
Contact Person Contact Form: