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  • Teacher training
  • Support Personnel

The MOONLITE project offers a number of outputs in different formats (pdfs, videos/webinars etc.) on how to use open educational resources and practices in the shape of MOOCs to help refugees and migrants with problems of social inclusion and employability and entry in higher educational institutions. The outputs include suggestions from academics that have experience in using these sorts of practices.

The project can be of great value for refugees, support groups or for teachers who are interested in using MOOCs who perhaps previously have never come across there types of courses but would like to use them. Also MOOC providers and higher education institutions that do have access but are interested in the economic and social aspects of their application can be benefitted from this project.

Also there is a special reference on how the existing MOOCs can be adapted to the methodological and technological context in which refugees and migrants often find themselves (they may not have access to computers, the internet, or network access might be limited), how to be used for supporting online learning and issues of accreditation.

Title The Moonlite project: Learning, support and certification without frontiers
Date launched 2016
Duration Ongoing (2016-2019)
Type of Resource Digital Resources
Electronic Handbook
Purpose Support Personnel
Teacher Training
Online or Blended OL
Learning objectives The MOONLITE project aims to harness the potential of MOOCs for refugees and migrants to build their language competences and entrepreneurial skills for employment, higher education, and social inclusion.
Target group Anybody interested in using open education as a way of helping displaced people, refugees, migrants
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model Erasmus+ European Commission
Contact Person Facebook group