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  • Language learning

Amal Learning is an online community and NGO that provides free online one-to-one language classes (with a focus on the English language) to refugees and displaced people.

The Amal team is comprised of experienced people from different backgrounds in language teaching, e-learning, social policy, project management and IT.

The language courses run for 12-16 weeks. Our language teachers are qualified, experienced and trained in the backgrounds and needs of these learners.

Apart from attending a specific training, the teachers, and also the students, receive ongoing support during the classes from Amal coordinators. This way the students get quality language classes and personalised support.

Some students, when requested, are also matched with a conversation partner for 30 minutes to 1 hour per week of language practice. These conversation partners are volunteers who are not language teachers but are native speakers or have a very good command of the target language.

Some students, when requested are leaded and enrolled in MOOCs of their choice. Amal teachers and coordinators follow up their progress.

An additional outcome of our classes is that the students become familiar with online tools and this builds up their digital literacy.

We work with our students via third parties such as NGOs and private sponsors. These partnerships facilitate contact with motivated and committed learners, reaching out to those who can make the most out of the classes. We not only work directly with individuals in need but also collaborate with NGOs in the field, helping them build their capacity, providing training to improve the language skills of their employees and community leaders with a refugee background.

Title Amal Learning
Date launched December 2017
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource Other [Video and audio calling platforms / Voice and text messaging platforms]
Purpose Language Learning
Online or Blended OL
Learning objectives Amal Learning aims to improve the language skills of refugees and people affected by conflict or fleeing persecution, and help them rebuild their live through free online one-to-one language classes over Skype and other video-calling platforms.
Target group Refugees and people affected by conflict or fleeing persecution
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Information about the impact of this initiative are presented in the following link.
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model Private donations and funding from aligned institutions and businesses. The main donor for 2019, so far, is Facebook in the framework of the Facebook Community Leadership Program. There is a plan to explore grant options as well as collaboration with other organisations.
Leading Organization Amal Learning
Contact Person Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.