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  • Primary/Secondary Ed
The resources are available on the Sky School online platform. Lessons and assignments on the platform are given by some of the best teachers from schools around the world. Lessons can be accessed at any time, to allow for flexible study. Learners are able to access the courses on their phones, and engage online with their fellow students, as well as receive guidance and support from online facilitators. The initial courses are taking place in English and all course materials are in English, but other languages will be spoken as well in on-site learning hubs. All of the courses are entirely free: there is no administration/participation fee, regardless of personal circumstances.
Title Sky School
Date launched 2016
Duration Ongoing
[The full Sky School diploma programme will be introduced at the beginning of 2019]
Type of Resource Digital Resources
Purpose Primary and Secondary Education
Online or Blended Blended
Learning objectives The aim of Sky School is to provide a high quality international education for its students as well as study materials for job-related training and work. Specifically, students will be able to participate in secondary level courses which will lead to a recognized high school diploma.
Target group Refugee children and youth from 16 to 25 years of age who have you been unable to complete their high school studies.
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan In 2017, the Sky School team ran a six week pilot course on the topic of social entrepreneurship, involving 50 students. The course was delivered in collaboration with partners in Athens (Greece), Amman (Jordan) and Kakuma Camp (Kenya), as well as online. Feedback from the pilot course, from students and facilitators, was positive.
Recognition or certification of learning The Sky School Diploma programme is modular - and once a student has completed a certain number of modules, they will be able to receive the Sky School Diploma.
Financing and sustainability model The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education, Kahane Foundation, Private donations
Leading Organization Educational Partner: UWC South East Asia
Implementing partners: AL TAREEQ, Urise Initiative for Africa, Ahlan World, ELIX
Technology partner: AULA
Contact Person Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.