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  • Language learning
Natakallam works with displaced people and refugees (mostly Syrian and Iraqis) in over a dozen countries, mostly in the Middle East & North Africa region, where it coordinates with NGOs on the ground for payments, trainings and recruitment. Specifically, people interested in learning the Arabic language can access the Natakallam training courses with a fee of 15$. During the NaTakallam sessions Arabic-speaking displaced persons are paired with learners around the world for language practice over Skype. The platform offers affordable, flexible, tailored Arabic practice with native speakers for language learners while also providing a valuable income source to displaced people mostly in Lebanon, but also in Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, France, Brazil, Italy and Germany.
Date launched 2014
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource Other
Purpose Language Learning
Online or Blended OL
Learning objectives The initiative aims to provide Arabic language training in interested people around the world by pairing them with conversation partners that are displaced people and refugees mostly in the Middle East & North Africa region.
Target group Displaced people and refugees (mostly Syrian and Iraqis), mostly in the Middle East & North Africa region
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Since starting in 2015, NaTakallam has paired almost 100 displaced persons and over2500 individuals in more than 65 countries who have engaged in more than 20,000 hours of NaTakallam sessions. Displaced people have self-generated over $300,000 through their work with NaTakallam.
Recognition or certification of learning -
Financing and sustainability model -
Leading Organization -
Contact Person Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.