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  • Higher Ed (formal)
The aim of the MOOC series from the UCLouvain is to provide a free elearning experience to refugees by allowing them to select from a number of topics of their preference. UCLouvain supports refugees by covering the expenses for the enrollment as "free student" at UCL and for the edX certificate for completing the MOOC. Also, apart from the MOOC UCLouvain apart from allowing refugees to choose a LouvainX massive open online course – MOOC, offers the blended course option by allowing refugees to follow the MOOC online AND join the regular on-campus activities, such as lectures, practical sessions, group works (including the exam) (= MOOC + on-campus classes).
Title MOOCs for Refugees
Date launched 2016
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource MOOC
Purpose Higher Education
Online or Blended Online & Blended
Learning objectives The aim of the MOOC series is to offer a deeper learning experience to refugees that want to enroll at a University course according to a topic of their interest and preference.
Target group Refugees
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning Certificate provided by UCLouvain
Financing and sustainability model University of Louvain
Leading Organization UCLouvain
Contact Person UCLouvain: Louvain moocXperience,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.