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  • Language learning
“Antura and the Letters” is a free, playful smartphone game that seamlessly mixes the best entertainment technology with practical Arabic educational content to give kids ages 5 – 10 an engaging learning experience. The game covers the Arabic primary school literacy curriculum and has the following features:
  • Quizzes to specifically test and reinforce each subject
  • Over 500 customization combinations for the main character Antura
  • Different environments like mountain, islands, villages and more
  • Learning milestones, each one with a specific educational objective
  • Play sessions that cover more than 350 words, including 275 nouns, each with its own image and more than 50 sentences
The App was built in order to educate children that stay in refugee camps, taking into consideration the fact that UNESCO finds that the longer these young people remain out of school, the less likely they are to return to education and the more likely they are to turn to crime or radicalism.
Title Antura and the Letters
Date launched 2017
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource App
Purpose Language Learning
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives Antura and the Letters aims to support children to learn the Arabic language in a fun and entertaining way.
Target group Primary Education (Children aged 5-10) in refugee camps
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Major update in December 2017 using field test and data collected by partners in Istanbul, Turkey and results of a third party report from Amman, Jordan.
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model The app was developed through EduApp4Syria, an international innovation competition, in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the partnership All Children Reading (A Grand Challenge for Development, the mobile operator Orange and the INEE Education in Crisis network). The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded it.
Leading Organization A partnership between Cologne Game Lab, Video Games Without Borders and Wixel Studios
Contact Person E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website Website:
Google Play:
App Store: