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The project BADGE aimed to transfer and adapt an innovative support programme - Diversity in Business Workshops - developed in the UK, that enabled female entrepreneurs to gain valuable soft skills and competences to assist them starting up their own business. The objective was the development of entrepreneurial skills that will improve womens' confidence, their language and communication skills.
Workshops for aspiring female entrepreneurs were held across all 8 partner countries, namely Poland, the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Lithuania. The workshops involved guidance from business advisors combined with innovative Learners’ Kits. In addition, an online community was created on social media to enable participants to network with one another. VET trainers also have access to innovative European approaches and the opportunity to share knowledge with peers across Europe.
Title BADGE-Empowering Female Entrepreneurship
Date launched 2013
Duration Completed (2013-15)
Type of Resource Other online course / Platform aggregating digital resources
Purpose Employment
Online or Blended Blended
Learning objectives The project BADGE aimed to support migrant women in order to develop soft skills and become to empowered, especially women experiencing double disadvantage for employability and self-employment. Also, it aims to support the development of self-efficacy, the regaining of confidence and the motivation for work.
Target group Migrant Women (aspiring female entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds) and specialists in VET-oriented organisations who offer support for these women
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan BADGE has had a significant short-term impact and is expected to yield long-term results (through the empowerment of learners, project dissemination and networks created). Assessment of the skills and knowledge acquire by the participants through formative and summative evaluation process including group activities and tests.
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission.
Leading Organization Danmar Computers Małgorzata Mikłosz
Contact Person Contact Form: