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  • Language learning
  • Social inclusion
  • Teacher training
  • Support Personnel
The so called language portal which is operated by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), a fund of the Republic of Austria and offers integration services on a national level, is a website for people learning or teaching German abroad or in Austria. It offers different materials for the first orientation in Austria, as well as online exercises, free materials for download, prepared lessons to learn about Austria from different perspectives, textbooks, online tests etc. The website is translated in 9 languages so that everyone can navigate easily through the vast offerings of the website.
Title Mein Sprachportal
Date launched N/A
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource Other online courses / Electronic guide/handbook
Purpose Language Learning / Social inclusion/active citizenship / Teacher Training
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives Learners will have the chance to gain an insight on the phenomenon of migration. They will learn more about the process of migration and integration, what migrant and refugee people are saying and which are the most common preconceptions about the migration and refugee crisis.
Target group German language teachers as well as German language students
Kindergarten teachers and people interested in early language acquisition
People granted asylum (in Austria)
People granted subsidiary protection (in Austria)
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning Certificates are issues against the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Examinations imply a fee however this can be reimbursed in accordance with a voucher system for migrants and refugees.
Financing and sustainability model Austrian Integration Fund:
Österreich Institut:
Europe Integration Foreign Affairs:
Leading Organization Austrian Integration Fund
Contact Person Österreichischer Integrationsfonds
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 26,
1030 Wien
Tel: +43 1/715 10 51 - 250