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  • Language learning
The goal of these videos is to teach Danish in way that is more easily understood and accessible by migrants and refugees and who have Arabic as a first language – especially at a beginning stage.
The traditional Danish as a second-language education was not able to make a good link between Danish and Arabic, and the 22-year old Syrian refugee Khaled, who took a language course in 2013 in order to access HE, realised that a better link between the two languages was needed, especially for migrants and refugees who did not speak English. He therefore started filming some videos of himself teaching Danish in Arabic that help other refugees that have difficulty in accessing the Danish languages. The video clips are very basic and also include a Danish speaking teachers, and last from 5 to 15 minutes. They have a simple set up and are supported by a Facebook page as well. The availability also make it possible for refugees who do not have asylum or easy access to a language course to practice.
Title Danish language course in Arabic with Khaled (Lær dansk på arabisk)
Date launched 2015
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource Videos
Purpose Language Learning
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives To improve the viewers’ language understanding and how to use Danish in everyday situations. Focus on grammar and content learning in languages.
Target group Migrants and refugees with an Arabic language background (all ages)
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan The 67 videos on YouTube have been viewed by more than 850 000 people in 8 months, and have now also been included in traditional Danish language learning classes at some institutions. The initiative won the ‘Danish EU European Language label 2016.’
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Financing and sustainability model Financed by “Sprogskolen Lærdansk i Aarhus” (The language school: LearnDanish in Aarhus). Khaled now has a student job developing new videos for the YouTube Channel 6 hours a week.
Leading Organization Sprogskolen Lærdansk i Aarhus. (The language school: LearnDanish in Aarhus)
Contact Person Khaled Ksibe